How To Get Published By DLSU Press, Inc.



The De La Salle University Press, Inc. generally publishes creative and research-based works of the university faculty; however it welcomes as well unsolicited, publishable, and marketable manuscripts from non-DLSU writers.

Normally, a manuscript submitted for possible publication undergoes these stages:

The writer/researcher sends a proposal letter to the president and publisher of De La Salle University Press, Inc. The cover letter is accompanied by a hardcopy and an electronic file of the manuscript in MS Word format stored in a 3.5” floppy diskette.

The manuscript submitted to the publisher for possible publication

 should indicate job type:

[ ] full publication
[ ] subsidized publication
[ ] printing + designing
[ ] editing + designing + printing
[ ] printing only

 should be in any of the following formats:

[ ] raw hard copy
[ ] camera-ready copies (CRCs)
[ ] diskette/electronic file—specify software used
[ ] edited hard copy

 should indicate the kind of publication/s as to:

[ ] textbook
[ ] coffee table
[ ] journal
[ ] monograph
[ ] tradebook—fiction,nonfiction, poetry, drama, etc.

 should detail book specifications (size, paper type, color, quantity, etc.) for price estimate or quotation

 should state possible primary and secondary markets.

 should indicate if permissions to copyrighted materials used in the book have been obtained or will still be sought.


After the initial screening for marketability and publishing value, the manuscript is forwarded to an external or internal reader or both for evaluation.

After a month, the evaluator/s return/s the manuscript to the DLSU Press along with evaluation results indicating

[ ] outright rejection; or
[ ] major or minor revisions.

Presentation to the Press BOARD

The evaluation results are presented during the quarterly (March, June, September, & December) meeting of the DLSU Press Board which either rejects or approves the manuscript for publication.

The DLSU Press informs the writer of the decision of the Board. If accepted for publication, the writer must integrate the corrections, revisions, suggestions, and comments by the evaluator/s.

A manuscript approved by the Board for publication is covered by a publishing contract to be signed by the DLSU Press publisher and the author.

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